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Wolftank Austria is a leading supplier and expert consultant for coating, lining and cleaning tanks and pipelines. We provide durable technologies for industrial and petrochemical works.

About Wolftank
Wolftank Industrial Coating
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Double floor DOPA® application

Aboveground storage tank

Our deep focus on safety and quality, together with our solid commitment to soil and water protection, enable our customers around the world to sustain their industrial development while maintaining environmental integrity.

Wolftank Austria’s excellent performance is also shown through our high-quality brand Adisa – our market-leading, in-house developed epoxy resins – and our patented tank lining system DOPA©, among other state-of-the-art technologies.

We operate successfully in different industries, among others in the petroleum, chemical and water sectors. Our qualified staff and the longstanding experience within Wolftank Group ensure finding the best solutions for our customers.

Our headquarter is located in Innsbruck, Austria.




net zero emissions


Appreciated know-how

We strive to ensure that all our measures are in line with current technical standards, occupational medicine and any other insights of science. Safety in the workplace is one of our core values, and a safe working approach is and must remain a top priority for every single one of our staff members.
Because high standards are the very foundation of our products and processes, Wolftank Austria’s services are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and subject to continuous optimisation efforts.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

About the Wolftank Group

Energizing the future

 Wolftank Group is a leading global technology partner for energy and environmental solutions. Founded in 1987 in the Alpine region, it has been a pioneer in our sector, successfully operating in the field of engineering and environmental protection. Today, it has subsidiaries operating in seven countries and three continents, providing solutions to customers in more than twenty countries.

Wolftank Headquarter
Wolftank Hydrogen Station Technology

Wolftank Group develops and implements the technologies of the future to decarbonise transport and build the infrastructure for zero-emission mobility. It actively contributes to the achievement of global climate goals by developing and building the necessary infrastructure, such as Bio-Hydrogen or LNG refuelling stations.

As a leader in environmental solutions, the company offers assessments, due diligence and customised services for soil and water remediation as well as direct waste management.

Wolftank Group uses its expertise to ensure a balanced ecosystem while supporting the growth of customers and partners. Its ethical commitment, values and sustainability responsibility are the basis of its sound strategy.

Wolftank Group is listed on the stock exchange since 2019. The shares are listed on the Direct Market Plus Segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange, on the Frankfurt Open Market, on XETRA, on the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange and on the Berlin Open Market. 

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Wolftank Group in figures

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new and refurbishment gas stations projects also with LNG and Hydrogen
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investment in R&D and patents & brands
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commercial tank renovations
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environmental remediation projects (soil and ground)
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contaminated groundwater processing plants
tons of contaminations treated in one year
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commercial customers for over 30 years
Find out more about the Wolftank Group: www.wolftankgroup.com
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