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We are working to energise the future. Throughout our Group we offer products, services and know-how that are essential for the energy systems of tomorrow.

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We provide:

refuelling technology – now and next - whether hydrogen or biogas, liquid or compressed

safe environment
and safe equipment

Wolftank Austria has satisfied customers from a wide range of industries, such as terminals and storage, service stations, public & industrial water and industrial engineering. For each of these sectors, our solutions are tailored to the specific needs and meet the most advanced environmental and asset protection criteria.

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We drive the necessary energy change with our technologies and solutions for hydrogen storage, transport and distribution.

Turnkey service stations

We offer a complete service including engineering, procurement and construction of turnkey stations as well as decommissioning services.

Environmental services

We promote environmental protection and regeneration by providing environmental consulting and remediation services.

Industrial coatings

We offer our expertise and innovative solutions for the protection and maintenance of tanks and pipelines.

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