Coating Products

Coating Products
Epoflex 6J
Excellent chemical resistance to corrosion against fresh, saltwater, atmospheric agents, petrol and diesel fuels.
Coating Products
Etoplate Masters
Etoplate Masters is a liquid, thixotropic, two pack, low-solvent, epoxy resin based coating.
Coating Products
Adapur HS
Two-component PU-paint with a high solid content (max. solvent content, 15 % by weight) for smooth, gloss covering in thin to thick coats.
Coating Products
Epoflex DOM Spachtel
Epoflex DOM Spachtel is a low-solvent, conducting coating compound on the basis of a two-component epoxy resin.
Coating Products
Epoflex DOM Guss
Epoflex DOM Guss is a low-solvent, conducting and crack-bridging coating compound on the basis of a two-component epoxy resin.
Coating Products
Adalastic 2000 Haftprimer
Adalastic 2000 Haftprimer is an abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant liquid film to 2K polyurethane polyurea.
Coating Products
Euromant is a liquid, solvent-free, 2-component polyurethane-based product.
Coating Products
Adaflex AB
Adaflex AB is a solvent-free 2-component epoxy resin, with good mechanical and chemical resistance.
Coating Products
Adalastic 2000
Adalastic 2000 is a solvent-free, 2-component PUR coating paste which exhibits elastomeric properties when cured and retains these even at low temperatures.
Coating Products
Flickset Epoflex Universal
Epoflex Universal Flickset  is thixotropic, solvent-free, two-component, epoxy resin based repair product that is packed “ready-to-use”.
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