TCR® Rust Converter

The TCR® Rust converter is a tank surface preparation agent designed to substitute surface treatment such as grit blasting, used on rusted steel, slightly sandblasted steel (SA1) as a pre-coating preparation.
It is an extremely cost-effective and fast way of surface preparation with a polymer-based product that is not classified as a dangerous good and a significant improvement in terms of HSE risks.

TCR® Rust converter is further extremely environmentally friendly as this way of surface preparation does not create any waste or residuals. It neutralizes the corrosion process by reacting quickly with the rust and transforms iron oxides into stable insoluble blue-black metal-organic complex inert surface. It gives thorough chemical passivation of substrate making it a sound base for the application of subsequent paint or coating systems.

As surface preparation, it is sufficient to remove the solid rust by scratching and/or water blasting and to make sure that the surface is free of grease and other residuals.
It is an excellent adhesion promoter for the subsequent paint system and leaves a water-insoluble hydrophobic film. It is non-hazardous, non-flammable and the dry film is fire retardant.
It can be applied easily by brush, roller, or spray and may also be applied to damp/wet rusted surfaces. 1 litre covers 15- 20 square meters and has a reaction time of only 2-3 hours.

The rust converter is compatible with Epoflex coating systems as well as the most used paints and coating systems, alkyd systems, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethanes, vinyl, and the new water-based paint systems.
The treated area is quickly re-coatable without any preparation of the subsurface.


  • Cost-effective surface preparation solution in terms of equipment requirements and materials logistics
  • Quick surface preparation (50 sqm per hour)
  • Safe and environment-friendly application as the rust conversion products are non-dangerous materials
  • TCR® Rust converter provides universal corrosion protection
A surface preparation agent designed to substitute surface treatment such as grit blasting.

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