TCR® Cleaning Liquid

TCR® Cleaning liquid has been specially designed for cleaning vessels storing chemical and petrochemical products.

It does not contain aggressive cleaning additives (caustic, acids etc.) and is safe to transport by land, sea, and air. TCR® Cleaning liquid does not contain solvents either and is classified as biodegradable and non-dangerous good for any kind of transports.
The formula has degreasing effects for products such as gasoline and it encapsulates explosive vapours for gasoline atmospheres. The cleaning fluid is equally effective in seawater and freshwater.
TCR® Cleaning liquid is used at very low water dilutions and is effective from ambient temperature to 60ºC or in steam cleaning systems, with increased efficacy at higher temperatures. Ideal mixing ratio is 1-2% (water: TCR® cleaning liquid=100:1 or 100:2)
In its concentrated form, the pH of TCR® Cleaning liquid is approximately 7 and is safe to use on all types of coatings and stainless steel.

The fluid can be used by fixed and portable tank cleaning machines and for manual cleaning through high-pressure portable barrel pumps with spray gun attachments. Preferably we recommend to use is with TCR® cleaning systems provided by Wolftank Austria such as TCR®6/7, TCR®15 and TCR® storage tank cleaner and as well as an additional for all manual cleaning operations.
It is considered as skin-friendly.


  • Safe cleaning process because of non-dangerous good
  • Usage of TCR® cleaning liquid is an environmentally friendly solution for your company because it requires less water for the cleaning process
  • Ready to use and solvent-free product
Specially designed for cleaning vessels storing chemical and petrochemical products.

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