Epoflex® TW Laminate

The Epoflex® TW laminate tank lining system is an internal tank lining system to rehabilitate tanks directly on-site without interruption of site service ensuring business continuity.
The system is developed for underground and aboveground steel and concrete tanks, vessels, and containers with drinking water, saltwater and wastewater.
Very good chemical resistance.
The laminate layer is applied in order to reinforce the tank shell. Due to this the structural reinforcement of the tank, the tanks obtain on average more than 15 years of additional life.

Structure of the lining system:

Preliminary Works:

  • High-pressure water jet or sandblasting
  • Reprofiling with putty if it is necessary
  • Create fillets with putty if it necessary

Coating Application Technology:

  • No ground layer is required.
  • Manual application of lamination of the surface with ADAFLEX® and application of a woven double-layered fiberglass (450 g/m2)
  • Coverage of the glass fiber with ADAFLEX® of the laminate
  • Slightly rub or sandpaper of the entire surface, remove dust
  • Spraying the cover layer EPOFLEX® TW white
  • Consumption for 800 m approx. 1.0 kg/m2

Installation note:

The above information is based on tests by approved institutes (e.g. TÜV Süd Germany) and many years of experience. As the lining performance depends on correct installation, we offer application courses for certified installers and installation supervisors and provide certificates which shall be renewed every 3 years.

The system is developed for underground and aboveground steel and concrete tanks, vessels and containers with drinking water, salt water and waste water.
Lining Technology:
Glass Fiber Reinforced Structural Lining
Storage Temperature Range:
Tank Types:
Aboveground HorizontalAboveground VerticalUnderground
Tank Materials:

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